DRV8871 DC Motor Driver - 3.6A Max – Hd Electronic Eg

DRV8871 DC Motor Driver - 3.6A Max

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This DC motor driver from Adafruit is based on Texas Instrument DVR8871 driver. It is a powerful DC motor driver for a single DC motor. The driver has a lot of great features that make it useful in a wide variety of projects using DC motors. It can control motor in both directions with current up to 3.5 A.  

Using this driver is simple, connect your motor to the OUT terminal block, power your board with anything between 6.5 and 45V on the VMotor pin, and provide a 3 to 5.5V logic level signal to IN1 and IN2. The logic inputs can even be pulsed up to 200KHz! 

The DVR8871 driver is fully protected from faults and short circuits, including under_voltage (UVLO), overcurrent (OCP), and over_temperature (TSD). When the fault condition is removed, the device automatically resumes normal operation. 


  • 6.5V to 45V motor power voltage.
  • Up to 5.5V logic level on IN pins.
  • 3.6A peak current.
  • Overcurrent protection.
  • Thermal shutdown.
  • PWM control.