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Pan & Tilt servo bracket SG90

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Black nylon pan and tilt bracket kit for SG90 servo’s. The kit includes black nylon parts and fixing screws to construct a pan and tlt bracket with the addition of two SG90 servo’s. Applications include controlling position of a camera or sensors for robotics and radio control applications. For suitable servo’s please see out SG-90 9g servo, item HCROBO0005. Please note that this kit requires the use of the servo arms normally supplied as part of the servo. Some trimming of the servo arms may be required.



Colour: Black

Material: Plastic

Two axis platform,

suitable for 9g-12g servos

Horizontal rotation range: 180 deg.

Horizontal rotation speed: 100 deg./s (depending on servo)

Tilt rotation range: 130 deg.

Tilt rotation speed: 100 deg./s (depending on servo)

Dimension: 32mm X 28mm X 65mm

Net weight: 42g

Servo not included.