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MiniQ N20 Motor Wheel Set (Motor +Wheel +bracket)

Regular price LE 180.00

This motor kit includes high quality metal gear with matched Pololu wheel 42x19mm and a mounting base bracket specifically designed to securely mount the gearmotor.


The motor has a long (0.365″ or 9.27 mm), D-shaped metal output shaft that matches the Pololu wheel 42x19mm.


The brass faceplate has two mounting holes threaded for M1.6 screws (1.6 mm diameter, 0.35 mm thread pitch)




Gear ratio: 100:1

rpm @ 6V: 120

Rated current: 30mA @ 6V

Stall current @ 6V: 420mA

Rated torque @ 6V: 150

Stall torque @ 6V: 540