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PIC USB Programmer

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This is a high-performance USB PIC programmer supports most popular PIC chip programmer to read, encryption and other functions, the use of high-speed USB communication, programming fast, reliable programming quality. 

Equipped with a 40pin DIP programming Block, can direct programming of 8pin PIC programmer to 40pin PIC programmer. The software is compatible with Windows98 and Windows2000/NT, the Windows XP/windows7 operating system.  

Please check our detailed user guide and troubleshooting manual below


  • Support the most popular PIC chip programmer, read out encryption!
  • No external power supply, communication and power supply. only a USB 
  • Automatic programming verification.
  • Support almost all the known PIC micro-controllers
  • ​In circuit programming (ICSP) capability

Package Include

  • 1x programmer 
  • 1x ICSP cable (in cicruit programming)