Capacitive Touch Sensor Switch (Red)


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HTTM series touch-key module has the following features:
1. No mechanical components, don’t wear out, an infinite life, reduce maintenance cost
2. Its sensing part can be placed into any insulation layer (usually a glass or plastic material), it is easy to make and surroundings are sealed the keyboard, to play the role of moistureproof and waterproof
3. The panel design is follow one’s inclinations, arbitrary button size, shape, design, characters, trademarks, such as the perspective window arbitrary collocation, make product integral feeling is stronger
4. Compared with physical keys, touch keys are less likely to damage
5. You can change on the back of the resistance, adjust the signal output is latched output or keep output (see 3.3.2 rainfall distribution on 10-12)
6. + 2.7 V ~ + 6 V input voltage range wide, + 3.3 V output signal, can be directly used to drive the relay, optical coupling, LED lights, such as the original
7. – 30 ~ + 70 ¡®C temperature range of work
8. A touch sensitive, no lag, time delay, flash and other adverse reactions
9. The built-in anti-jamming algorithm, has good anti-interference performance

Light Color: Red/Yellow/Blue/Green
Size: 2×1.6×1.7cm/0.79×0.63×0.67inch
Quantity: 1 Pc

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Capacitive Touch Sensor Switch (Red)