Copper Wire , 0.4mm


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  • Uses: Widely used in coil windings of high-frequency transformers, inductance coils, transformers, relays, motors, and electrical appliances whose long-term working temperature is below 130℃.
  • Note: The diameter indicated in the enameled wire specification refers to the diameter of the bare copper wire. The diameter of the enameled wire measured by the caliper is the outer diameter (including the thickness of the paint).
  • The Q in QZ-2 is the serial code, the first pinyin letter of lacquer. Z is polyester paint, the first pinyin letter of ester. -1 represents a thin paint film. (-2 means thick paint film, -3 means thick paint film)
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  • Copper Wire , 0.4mm Enamelled Copper Magnet Wire Round Copper Wiring Bare Copper Wire for Transformer Inductor Coil Relay Motor Coil Winding

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Copper Wire , 0.4mm


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