FM Radio Receiver Module with Antenna (TEA5767 )


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This FM Radio module is a radio broadcast receiver module that is based on the TEA5767  IC product from Philips. The module is equipped with adjustable radio antenna and can be connected to speaker.  It uses frequency modulation or FM signal with frequency range from 70 MHZ to 108 MHZ where you can tune the radio using software to select the receiving frequency.

The FM radio module is characterized by low voltage and low power consumption which make it suitable for many applications such as mobile phones, MP3 player, clock alarm and many others.


  • power supply: 5V
  • Frequency range: 76-108MHZ
  • Communication Bus: I2C
  • FM chip: TEA5767   from philips
  • With reverse polarity protection diode
  • Directly plug antenna interface
  • Blue LED power indicator
  • Onboard 3.5mm audio interface

Pin Defenition

FM radio module pinout (TEA5767)


  •  Low power consumption
  • No need to adjust Intermediate frequency
  • High sensitivity(low noise RF input amplifier)
  • High power auto gain control AGC circuit
  • Soft mute

 Dimensions: 31*30mm

 Package Includes:

  • FM radio module
  • Antenna

 TEA5767 fm radio module connected to arduino

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FM Radio Receiver Module with Antenna (TEA5767 )