MQ-3 Alcohol Ethanol Detection Sensor Module


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MQ-3 gas sensor is sensitive material used in clean air, low conductivity tin dioxide (SnO2). When the sensor is present in the environment in which the alcohol vapor , the sensor’s conductivity increases with the concentration of alcohol gas in the air increases. Using a simple circuit can be converted to the change in conductivity of the gas concentration with the corresponding output signal. MQ-3 gas sensor with high sensitivity to alcohol , gasoline can resist , smoke , water vapor interference.

This sensor can detect various concentrations of alcohol atmosphere , is a low-cost sensors for a variety of applications.

  • With power indication and TTL signal output indication
  • With Digital DO open signal (TTL) output and AO analog output.
  • Electrical properties: Input voltage: DC 5V; Power consumption (current): 150mA.
  • DO output: TTL digital quantity 0 and 1 (0.1 and 5V).
  • AO output: 0.1~0.3V.
  • Maximum concentration voltage: About 4V.
  • Preheat time: 20s


  • Alcohol (ethanol) detection
  • Car alcohol alarm
  • Breathalyzer

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MQ-3 Alcohol Ethanol Detection Sensor Module


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