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These are NFC (Near Field Communication) stickers and tags. It is based on the NXP chip, the NTAG213. The 13.56 MHz frequency tag (sticker) is  compatible with almost all the NFC enabled cell phones. 

Simply you can use mobile application to read and write on these tag (stickers). The tags can be used as RFID card and more because you can store (write / read) up to 144 character. This allows you to use the tag (sticker) to receive from it information, authentication and tracking.

The tag (sticker) is basically a tiny microchip with antenna.  The good thing about NFC tag is that It does not need power as it is powered by the magnetic field from the smart phone or NFC module. It can store transferable data (144 Byte). This could be personal data, product specifications and history or even animal or planet basic data in a farm.  

NFC does have some clear advantages over Bluetooth.  Not only does it consume a mere 15mA of smartphone battery power, but it also it does not require ‘pairing process’ involved in Bluetooth sharing.  Accessible in all kinds of places, NFC tags only require a tap from a smartphone to be activated. Android system Phone could download the NFC software, such as the Google play NFC Task Launcher, NFC Retag Pro Security Software.

NFC Tag (Sticker) Features

  • Chip: NTAG213 (compatible with all NFC enabled smart phones)
  • Frequency: 13.56 MHz (High Frequency)
  • Reading time: 1 – 2 ms
  • Storage capacity: 144 bytes
  • Read and write times:> 100,000 times
  • Reading distance:  20 mm
  • Data retention:> 10 years
  • NFC chip material: PET + etching antenna

Applications OF NFC

  • Payments (banking)
  • Transportation (Ticket)
  • Access control (hotels, companies, …etc)
  • Events (exhibits, important events, invitation cards)
  • Bussines cards
  • Hospitals (Patients data)
  • Farms (Animal and planets identification)
  • Show Rooms (items data)
  • Shipping (product shipping history and specifications).

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NFC Sticker (for Smart Phone)